Ten Things To Do + 10 things NOT TO DO for New Consultants *

Ten Things To Do:
1) Be excited, you have every right to be over the moon excited. You just became an independent business owner and an entrepreneur!
2) Make a list 100 people minimum… (Not just those you know, but who they know)
3) Plan your business launch asap! Do not delay.
4) Plug in – get on calls, create interest on Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, etc.  Attend company events locally & virtually.
5) Know what your products do – not everything about them, just the basics. You can earn while you learn.
6) Set a goal to promote in your first month, and raise the bar monthly.
7) Stay in touch with your sponsor, she/he will WELCOME your calls.
8) Make sure you tell your family and friends what you are doing before someone else does.
9) Make 3-5 contacts each day. No excuses.
10) Stay positive no matter what.
Ten things not to do:
1) DO NOT study everything in your website’s back office  as if you’re going to take a test on it. It will BOG you down.
2) DO NOT be ashamed or embarrassed of your new business.
3) DO NOT let anyone kill your joy and excitement.
4) DO NOT defend your products or business (they are not on trial).
5) DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED – rejection and disappointment are part of it. Shake it off.
6) DO NOT prejudge. You have no idea who this will appeal too. Many times it’s those least likely that “get it”…recruit up, people with money are always looking for ways to make more money. REPEAT do not prejudge. Call those on your chicken list.
7) DO NOT reinvent the wheel. There is no easier way to do this. Follow the plan. You can’t manipulate the system to make it work faster. You have to find your people and your people have to find their people. It takes time
8) DO NOT hesitate sharing with everyone you know, or someone else will beat you to it
9) DO NOT say too much. If you know all of the answers they will think they have to know everything and no one wants to do something that’s hard. KISS ~ Keep it simple sweetie. 😀 Less is more.
*Follow these steps if you want to restart your business