Top Ten Steps to Grow Your Direct Sales Business

1. Create your own culture…one that people will want to join.
2. Build YOUR network daily.
3. The power of the 3 way call. Third party validation is huge!
4. Always lead with the business.
5. Develop your language and your stories, this is what wins people over. Facts tell but stories sell!
6. Get out of your house 3 times a week and present your business. (coffee, lunch, play date, biz opp, etc.)
7. Social media, use it and show them the lifestyle. Because if you are not creating your online reputation, one is being made for you!
8. Train yourself one day a week, train your team one day a week.
9. 5-3-2. Touch 5 new people a day Touch 3 people in your funnel and touch 2 people in your organization, no matter where they are.
10. Be the leader that you would want to follow.
Print and Follow this list week after week!  Just DO IT!