CHALLENGE Yourself In 2017!

We all desire an incredible 2017- and there are 5 things we need to DO in 2017 to help 2017 Be the BEST Year for us personally and professionally.

1. CHALLENGE what you THINK and take it to a New Level this year. What you think about, you bring about. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, so THINK BIGGER! This leads to a bigger and more successful life. This is the Year of the Big Think!

2. CHALLENGE what you SAY. Make sure that your words are more empowering. Affirmations are powerful. “I AM Successful” I AM Blessed… etc
What you say this year will bring a new place in your life that you have only imagined. Quit talking yourself out of HUGE success; instead start talking yourself into it.

3. CHALLENGE what you DO! Step into the actions that take you out of your comfort zone and make you GROW! Small actions will lead to a small year. Engage in the actions that FORCE you to GROW.

4. CHALLENGE How you VIEW Life and What you have SETTLED FOR.
This is the year of THE REACH. Reach for what you truly want in life, but you must SEE IT first. MUD Settles- and YOU are NOT Mud. QUIT Settling in life for what happens. MAKE something incredible happen. Don’t let others talk you out of it. God made us to PURSUE. Pursue your dreams relentlessly!

5. CHALLENGE the Status Quo and BLOW IT UP in your own life.
Nothing is as sad as the same old thing happening every year. Shake it UP! Break it UP! TAKE IT UP to a NEW LEVEL and never look back at what was holding you back.

There is a “Y” in the road of life that you are at- and you have to decide if this year is going to be a Masterpiece of Magnificence or a Masterpiece of Mediocrity. I pray that you choose the first one, as it truly is the the BETTER and you DESERVE an amazing year as well as a blessed year!