Article from Direct Selling News – The Social Media Phenomenon

Ten years ago, social media did not exist. Today, almost all large companies and many small businesses invest resources into building their presence in the socialsphere. They have created corporate accounts on social media sites, and they spend time and money interacting with users, increasing their fan base, posting content, monitoring comments and measuring the results of their campaigns.

After all, the social media statistics can no longer be ignored by companies today:

  • Facebook boasts more than 750 million active users, and the average user has 130 friends.
  • Twitter has 200 million users generating 350 million tweets a day.
  • YouTube receives more than 3 billion views per day.
  • LinkedIn reports more than 100 million registered users.
  • A few weeks after Google+ debuted, the new social networking site accrued 20 million users.