Be a GREAT Listener

Listening is a skill that will carry you far in business.  As you listen, be present!  Always keep in your mind, what can I learn and what value can I bring?

  • PAY ATTENTION. Focus on details as you listen to someone. Make sure you allow others to express themselves before you weigh into a conversation.
  •  Look the person in the eyes.  Keep focused on them.  Put your phone away when you are in the company of others.
  • Try not to jump to conclusions when you are in a conversation with someone.
  • Never interrupt.  Give a person an opportunity to get all their thoughts on the table. This gives you time to process what they are sharing.
  • Make notes. Remember the high points as a person speaks and comment on what impresses you the most.
  • Ask questions This will let the other person know that you are interested in what they have to say.