Create Balance in Your Life

I love this quote by Albert Einstein! It’s SO TRUE. We do have to keep moving to balance that bicycle, but be sure you are moving in the direction that you really want to be going. We all want to find balance in our lives.  Here are some tips to help create balance to remember.

Focus on your priorities. Say “NO” to everything that doesn’t align with your values and what is most important to you. Create structure in your daily work, rather than reacting to the unexpected. Other people’s poor planning does not need to become your priority. Arrange time in your schedule for other activities besides work so that your days are not only balanced, but rewarding.

Be flexible. Accept that needs will pop up that will require your readjustment and perhaps new choices. Forgive yourself when things don’t get done. Stop striving for perfection and allow for more reasonable standards.

Create daily routines. Instill healthy habits into your daily life. Find ways to relax, relieve tension, and minimize stress. Allow time for self-care by practicing daily journaling, meditation, exercise or some other form of quiet time just for you where you can go to reflect, plan, relax and envision your day ahead. Eat healthy meals, drink plenty of water, get adequate rest, and take care of your personal hygiene. Give yourself a break throughout the day to restore your natural state of harmony and calm and to rekindle your creativity. Structure your day to take advantage of your peak performance times.

Establish support networks. Be willing to ask for help and receive it. Enlist family, friends, neighbors, professionals, and others to help you as needed. Delegate chores at home. Train a child to take responsibility for small tasks. I also like the D’s … Do it, Delegate it, or Dump it!

Simplify your life. When your life is overcomplicated and overfull, there’s little space for what truly matters. And there’s no room for personal growth, positive energy, love. Scheduling too much in a day brings on stress and even depression.  Start TODAY by eliminating activities from your life that really aren’t important.  We can all find ourselves busy around the clock, but busy doesn’t mean that you are any more important than anyone else. What this really means is that you are probably missing out on the things that would really make you have more joy and fulfillment in your life.