Go beyond merely Hoping, Planning, or Wishing, and DO IT!

Live Boldly

Let’s LIVE BOLDLY on this Journey of ours.  LOVE DEEPLY ~  Remind yourself how amazing you are and how endless the possibilities for you to SERVE GREATLY.

This requires being stretched, moving out of your comfort zone and facing your fears!  As we LIVE BOLDLY, we TAKE ACTION to move forward in our business and in our relationships.

Sometimes we allow feelings of failure and limiting beliefs to paralyze us.  We listen to that inner conflict of “I have to, but I can’t!”  The longer we stall the longer we resist resulting in missed opportunities. This can lead to painful regrets.


Your biggest regrets are for opportunities missed. Today is an opportunity, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The way to avoid regret is to take action. Go beyond merely  hoping, planning, or wishing, and do it.

Yes, your actions may sometimes bring disappointing results. Even so, you will be much better off knowing you made the attempt.

Instead of always wondering whether or not you could have,  find out for sure that you can. Act, learn, adjust and act  again, and eventually you will get the results you desire.

Regret for opportunities missed is a pain that is almost  impossible to escape. So make the choice today not to create  that pain in the first place.

Make full use of the opportunity that is right in front of  you right now. And make yourself a life free of painful  regrets.

Ralph Marston

Today, I wish for you the courage to act!