Melinda Tells Her Story….

Being a military wife, a parent, educator and business woman, I have learned that teaching and story-telling are
my greatest strengths.  I view myself as a faith-filled, genuinely optimistic entrepreneur.  I love coaching people
to financial independence.

As a former educator and realtor, I knew when it was time to move on to another career in direct sales. I love
this industry!  It offers time, freedom and flexibility along with unlimited earning potential!  This industry
allowed me to replace lost revenue when the real estate market took a down turn in 2009.

Six weeks after joining my company, I earned enough to pay back my initial investment and purchase a plane ticket
to visit my family in Montana.

In six months I paid the expenses for our youngest son’s wedding by hitting company recruiting bonuses month after month. I was recognized as a Rising Star at our company’s inaugural convention.  My two sisters joined me in earning
the top leadership position in our first year along with incredible all-expense paid trips.

Two years into my new career, I retired my real estate license; earned a free Lexus, and doubled my husband’s
Air Force Full Colonel pension. I love working from home in very part time hours.  When I help my team members
achieve what they want and need then I am blessed as well. I’m forever grateful to the visionairies and founders
of my company. I’m blessed to be a brand ambassador of an ever expanding company with a product that slows down the visible signs of aging!

My dream is a summer retreat home in Montana where Mike and I will build legacy for our children and grandchildren. 
I love that I can and will be a change agent for others who have stopped dreaming.  Maybe that someone is YOU! 

Contact me on how we can get you started on a journey as the CEO of your own company!

2016 Update: After 7 years in business, Melinda and Mike were able to purchase not just a summer retreat home,
but moved to Montana. Because of Melinda’s consistent earnings, they qualified for the home of their dreams
pictured here.