Your Life is a Living Legacy

Each morning I look in the mirror – smile (and I smile back – totally infectious) and affirm that “I know myself to be generous and competent – and that I can count on myself to do good work – no matter what presents itself.” This has worked for me as my leadership journey continues.


I challenged the audience to ask the hard question of themselves – over and over again “What is my purpose? – Why do I do what I do? – How have I made the world a better place today?” – Ultimately I believe that our legacy will appear from asking the hard question and that only in seeing a greater ’cause’ can we become true leaders. I claimed that leadership is not charisma – and that we are not born to leadership – we choose it. Or more aptly our purpose chooses us – and forever we are committed to it.

Excerpt from Naomi Simpson, author Sydney Australia “The Red Balloon”