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Go beyond merely Hoping, Planning, or Wishing, and DO IT!

Live Boldly

Let’s LIVE BOLDLY on this Journey of ours.  LOVE DEEPLY ~  Remind yourself how amazing you are and how endless the possibilities for you to SERVE GREATLY.

This requires being stretched, moving out of your comfort zone and facing your fears!  As we LIVE BOLDLY, we TAKE ACTION to move forward in our business and in our relationships.

Sometimes we allow feelings of failure and limiting beliefs to paralyze us.  We listen to that inner conflict of “I have to, but I can’t!”  The longer we stall the longer we resist resulting in missed opportunities. This can lead to painful regrets.


Your biggest regrets are for opportunities missed. Today is an opportunity, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The way to avoid regret is to take action. Go beyond merely  hoping, planning, or wishing, and do it.

Yes, your actions may sometimes bring disappointing results. Even so, you will be much better off knowing you made the attempt.

Instead of always wondering whether or not you could have,  find out for sure that you can. Act, learn, adjust and act  again, and eventually you will get the results you desire.

Regret for opportunities missed is a pain that is almost  impossible to escape. So make the choice today not to create  that pain in the first place.

Make full use of the opportunity that is right in front of  you right now. And make yourself a life free of painful  regrets.

Ralph Marston

Today, I wish for you the courage to act!


Your Life is a Living Legacy

Each morning I look in the mirror – smile (and I smile back – totally infectious) and affirm that “I know myself to be generous and competent – and that I can count on myself to do good work – no matter what presents itself.” This has worked for me as my leadership journey continues.


I challenged the audience to ask the hard question of themselves – over and over again “What is my purpose? – Why do I do what I do? – How have I made the world a better place today?” – Ultimately I believe that our legacy will appear from asking the hard question and that only in seeing a greater ’cause’ can we become true leaders. I claimed that leadership is not charisma – and that we are not born to leadership – we choose it. Or more aptly our purpose chooses us – and forever we are committed to it.

Excerpt from Naomi Simpson, author Sydney Australia “The Red Balloon”

Mentors help you become what you CAN become!

16663223-mentoring-related-words-concept-in-tag-cloud-on-whiteWhat is a mentor? A mentor is simply an experienced, trusted counselor or guide. What do you look for in a mentor? You look for experience. You look for perspective, and you look for somebody you can trust.

A mentor is like a personal coach. Everybody NEEDS a personal coach and needs to BE a personal coach. Personal coaches bring out the best in you. They see in you things that you don’t see in yourself. A mentor helps you with three areas: role, goal, and soul. What do you do in life? What are you accomplishing in life? And, what are you becoming in life? Mentors help you become what you can become.


The Present is NOW… So LIVE it!

Redefine Your Future Now

Jim Rohn, a highly respected Personal Development coach was known to say, “for things to change, you’ve got to change.” If you are not satisfied with the way things are in ANY AREA of your life … from your health, your income, your relationships, or your business … a daily Personal Development practice can help you move in the direction you desire.

29 Ways to Stay Creative!


Just What Advice Could Be Given To Spark Creativity?

Well now creative is as creative does, so be proactive regarding your creativity every step of the way. If you are chained to a desktop or laptop or even a table get unchained and disconnected for a while. It’s hard to strike a chord with your own inspiration when pre-programmed software is doing all the work.


Let go of your fear of making a mistake, but don’t try to force it so make sure you take lots of breaks! Collaborate with others bounce your ideas of real ears to hear yourself say them and hear what others might react and have to say. Make lists lots of lots of lists, bubble up the place with multiple flow charts, and allow clutter to be ok if you are a neat freak and straighten up if your life is filled with clutter.

Take Notes

Even though you probable have a smart phone or tablet to keep track of your ideas, it just might do the trick to carry a small note book with you where ever you go. Write down your ideas with your own hand, it can often be just what is needed to set the mind free. Whatever you do quit beating yourself up.

Inspire Yourself 

Listen to music and drink coffee and if you don’t like coffee drink tea and if tea is not your bag, well you get the picture. Go way out of your way to surround yourself with other creative characters, genius can be hidden in all kinds of places. Sing in the shower and follow that up with a free flowing creative writing session.

Ask for Feedback

Be open and ask for plenty of feedback, great ideas my slip away if you are too hard on yourself and don’t get them out. Make sure you get lots of rest, good sleep and eating habits can make or break the creative process. Once in a while you may have to through caution to the wind and go somewhere new.

Take Breaks

Take a Break and open a dictionary or thesaurus and read a page. Never forget to count your blessing. Above all else never give up and practice can make perfect, but too much practice can become a rut. Take risks and risk something well worth risking.

At the end of the day you may just have to realize that no one can be someone else’s perfect and let the whole idea go. Create a framework for your ideas and then jump right in feet first. Keep Knee deep in whatever earthy crunchy granola is going on around you, but be careful not to get weighed down in a green quagmire. Make sure that with all these creative juices flowing, make sure you finish what you start and above all else have Fun!

People like to buy from the people that they LIKE, they KNOW and they TRUST….


People like to buy from people they like, know and trust and you can speed up the relationship building part with extra touch points and adding your own personality where possible. Not many people do it, so stand out and make it work for you.

Have a look at these points and see if you can introduce any into your process:

1.Make your initial contact via telephone or in person to arrange a meeting rather than email.

2.Send a personalized calendar invite to confirm your meeting.

3.Attend your actual first meeting.

4.Leave a brief hand written card with their assistant to be delivered when you leave, thanking them for their time today.

5.Send a follow up email to confirm your next steps or include your proposal.

6.Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request if you connected well.

7.Telephone and arrange your next appointment to discuss your proposal or to follow up on a decision.

8.Follow them on Twitter or become a fan of their Facebook page, great intel for further meetings.

9.Attend your follow up meeting.

10.Thank them and confirm your deal in writing via email.

11.Send a personalized hand written card thanking them for their business.

12.Call either in person or telephone after you have shipped to check they are happy with what they purchased.

If their decision was a “No”, why not still send a hand written card wishing them luck with their chosen provider?

It is worth mentioning here that if you add in a little of your personality at each point, such as a friendly personal message in your calendar invite, you really will start to build a relationship with them quite quickly which can only be a good thing.

Compare these steps with what you are currently doing now. I am guessing, but I would imagine that in many cases, points 2,4,6,8,11 and 12 would be missed out.

Of course once your prospect has bought from you, there are many more times that your customer is then touched with personal communication from you, others staff members involvement, head office interaction, marketing and so on, and if you have done and continue to do a great job delivering in all of these different areas, the word of mouth advertising from your new customer will come.

10 traits shared by Great Leaders and Great Followers alike

climb the ladder of success

The traits of great leadership are to be admired. And often they are a prerequisite to manage a high performing team or to take a start-up from humble beginnings to roaring success. But the healthy relationship between leadership and followership is critical. Standing alone, a leader achieves nothing but mediocrity. Click this link for the 10 traits shared by great leaders and great followers alike. Together, they work in concert….

Kevin Baum

The One Thing Successful People Never Do

Success winner womanSuccess comes in all shapes and colours. You can be successful in your job and career but you can equally be successful in your marriage, at sports or a hobby. Whatever success you are after there is one thing all radically successful people have in common: Their ferocious drive and hunger for success makes them never give up….

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