Looking for coachable self-motivated individuals who are ready to own their own business!


Here’s a chance to start a business of your own.  You too can leverage a global brand and the resources of a multi-million dollar corporation.  So many leaders, like me have benefited from a turn-key business model.   I agreed to be coachable and to follow a proven system built on simple steps. I knew from day one that I could do it!  It was a simple system to LEARN, and I now LEAD others to follow the same simple plan and the power of this business has been in duplicating exceptional, ambitious, talented leaders.

I was on profit in my first full month in business and I was able to buy a ticket to see grandsons in Montana. I surpassed  my husband’s Full Bird Colonel Air Force pension after just two years, and I was able to retire him from a stressful real estate business.  I was on my way to creating an ideal life.

Most of my professional life (prior to real estate) was in teaching young children. All I knew about sales was,  “If You’re Happy & You Know It, Clap Your Hands!”  Today I am happy and I KNOW it!  I am applauding a team of over a thousand consultants.  Our team stretches from New Jersey to Hawaii, south to Miami and north to Alaska, and yet this team began with only eight people that I knew personally.

I’m blessed to live a life of flexibility!   I work from home – or anywhere I have cell phone service or a Wi-Fi connection. I fit my work in around spending time with my friends, husband Mike, my 91 year old mom, travel and exercise. In just four years I’ve built a business that allows me to earn more from the work I do and squeeze more out of life. I compressed a 30 year career into four years and you can too.  What are you dreaming of?  What experiences, contributions to others have you put on hold due to a bad economy?

This could be the perfect business opportunity for that extra income you are looking for!  No inventory, Car Program, Luxury Trips, Apple ipad and more. There is absolutely no ceiling to your earnings potential. This is a career that can be tailored around your schedule. There is a minimum expectation of 10 hours per week, but the more hours worked, the more you can expect .  No sales experience needed.

If you feel you would be a good fit, and would like to be considered for an interview or would like more information, let’s talk! XO Melinda

Financial Independence in Flexible Hours

Elizabeth Walks the RED CARPET in Orlando!
Elizabeth Walks the RED CARPET in Orlando!

As women we want to be successful, loving and nurturing to our families as well as productive and accomplished professionals. More and more, we all want to make an impact in our communities. I love paying it forward.  It gives me great joy to support my community’s “Y Foundation” that raises money for homeless children.  I’m so blessed to have found a business that allows me to help other professionals build a business that gives them financial independence in flexible hours.

Here I am pictured being “Cheered” by my business peers at a corporate event.  Prior to starting my business, I was a stay at home mom.  I have not only grown an incredible team, but I have seen my personal and professional development grow by leaps and bounds.  You might be thinking, as I did,  I’m not a sales person.  I could never start and build a successful business.  I’m proof that anyone willing to surrender to a proven business plan can be successful in a direct sales company.

Perhaps partnering in a new business will be just the change you are looking for.  I am committed to exceeding your expectations and always here to help. XO Elizabeth

Have you considered Owning your OWN Business?

The Ultimate Social Business Model

Have you ever considered owning your own business?  Many working women are considering entrepreneurism to their corporate job.  In fact, according to the National Federation of Independent Business, women have been starting businesses at a higher rate than men for the last 20 years.  A study by American Express Open estimates there are more than 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. This is a trend being echoed around the world, including women in Australia and the United Kingdom who are now frequently opting to work for themselves.

Melinda Hickey ~ Committed to Training & Mentoring others to Redefine their Future!

Contact me today to start a conversation about how YOU can begin to Redefine Your Future! http://youtu.be/BPw4_oPtvw0
Contact me today to start a conversation about how YOU can begin to Redefine Your Future! http://youtu.be/BPw4_oPtvw0

Being a military wife, a parent, educator and business woman I learned so many things about life.I learned that my strengths are: Communication, Training, Motivating and Business Development.  So as a former educator and realtor, I knew when it was time to move on to another career and that is coaching professionals who want to build a business in direct sales.

I am a faith-filled, genuinely optimistic entrepreneur who loves coaching others to reach their fullest potential while gaining financial independence—an opportunity made possible by $2.9 billion anti-age skincare market.

The direct sales business model helped me replace lost revenue when the real estate market took a down turn. I currently develop and train consultant groups nationwide for my company.