Setting Goals in Your Direct Sales Business

2017 can be the year that YOUR Dreams come TRUE! Let’s start that journey, and the vehicle to taking you to your dreams are the daily, weekly and monthly action goals that you put into place NOW! With true clarity here at the
beginning of January, you will set better priorities, take more
consistent action and meet & exceed your goals.

Critical Daily Goals for a Direct Sales Business Owner:

1. Set hours of Operation. Setting hours is liberating and a key
indicator of success in your business. If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.
2. Commit to Personal Development each morning. Focus on yourself for the first 15 – 30 minutes of the day. Read inspirational books on personal development. Watch a video or listen to a book on tape. I love Audible! Jim Rohn is a personal favorite of mine. He said, “For things to change, you’ve got to change.” You owe it to yourself to put positive thoughts in your head, each and every day.
3. Reach Out to 3 – 5 new people each day. You can do this alongside your busy life.
Get in the habit of striking up conversations with people you meet when you are out and about; at networking event; running errands; kids sporting events, etc. Reach out on social media and add new friends. Like and comment on what they are doing and offer up a time to connect via the phone or face to face if you live in the same area.
4. Follow Up with 3 – 5 people each day.
The Fortune is in the Follow Up! Create a “call to action” and a sense of urgency. WIFM ~ what’s in it for me?
5. Share a “Power Start” (strategy session) with 2 business partners each day.
The key to success is keeping your business simple and duplicating a simple system to follow for your teammates. Creating accountability is key. Weekly Power Start sessions where you share strategies and ask for their accountability is so important in growing leaders in your direct sales business.

I hope these tips will help. For more information, click Learn More and I will send you business tools to
help you with language, following up and social media strategies as well. Make it an awesome day!